Analysis of the play florence by alice childress essay

The play describes how throw Whitney, an old relentless woman, discovers that her premonition of the success of her daughter, Florence, as a good-for-naught actress is undesirably similar to that of a racist, white society. This troubling s berthping has just as strong an impact on the referee as it does on Miss Whitney.

Analysis of the play florence by alice childress essay

So our once-spotless character has just performed a bit of Dirty Businessor worse, in a moment of weakness, they've done something unambiguously wrongperhaps even lowering themselves to the level of the villain.

Either way, their character flaws have just been laid bare. They may brush it off with a quick retort or explanation but the villain's words will linger regardless. This generally comes in one of two flavors: This shows up more frequently in comedic works.

In other, usually more dramatic cases, the villain's motive is to sarcastically mock the hero's claim to the moral high groundmess with the hero's headgoad him into taking more actions he'll regret, or set him up for the ways of evil.

Analysis of the play florence by alice childress essay

Essentially an inversion of What the Hell, Hero? Can occasionally occur solely among heroes, with an especially dark Anti-Hero or Sociopathic Hero standing in for a villain; if the approval is expressed by a superior or a commanding officer, it's likely to be a Medal of Dishonor. When villains compliment one another, it's Arson, Murder, and Admiration.

There's also its total opposite: Can occur with So Proud of You. Compare Compliment Backfire where the problem is not what is being said or who is saying itbut how ; You Could Have Used Your Powers for Evilwhere a villain notes the hero could have made a good villain; Anti-Advicewhere the nature of the advisor causes the advisee to do exactly the opposite; At Least I Admit Itwhere a villain notes that, unlike the "hero", he's honest about doing wrong; and Dismissing a Compliment.

When the event coordinators question their presence, the white supremacists say that the breeders' obsession with racial purity falls right in line with their own beliefs, causing the dog breeders obvious discomfort.

Anime and Manga In the Bleach anime, Uryu Ishida utters a similar phrase when he gets praised by Nel and her Fracciona group of Arrancar who technically are his enemies. Mustang and his fellow soldiers committed many horrifying atrocities during the Ishval Civil War, but were commended and treated as war heroes, since they were on the winning side.

Analysis of the play FLORENCE by Alice Childress Mattie, a black woman who makes her living selling candy and caring for a little white girl, has received a letter from her husband in the Merchant Marine and needs a translator for it.

Mustang in particular is absolutely disgusted that he's viewed as a hero for participating in what was essentially a genocide, and would much rather be rotting in prison for what he did.

In Full Metal Panic! Especially when Gauron refers to him by "Kashim" — his past alias and what Gauron clarifies as being his "Assassin-Saint" persona.

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Despite the tremendous applause and adoration of his fans, Ippo is disheartened, as he didn't feel it was real boxing. In Hekikai No AionSeine has no other option but to rip the Mushis out of a crowd of brainwashed and crazy students without exciting the Mushis first.

Shizuki applause this act. Seine was not amused since she knows what doing that means. All those kids will not remember anything they did under mushi influence, but anytime they got any potential weapon, they will feel the urge of kill someone, a.

Seine, or will feel urge to kill her if they saw her face. Keita is disgusted by the genuine respect minor antagonists like underwear theif and Peeping Doctor have for him and can't stand the title they refer to him with: Although he IS just as perverted as they are, and did such an act in the episode, the title is actually Yohko's fault.

The Mightiest Disciple sometimes gets a little manipulative, lies or distrust someone. Then Nijima compliments him. From Puella Magi Madoka Magica:Analysis of the play FLORENCE by Alice Childress Title: Analysis of the play FLORENCE by Alice Childress Category: / Literature Details: Words: | Pages: 2 (approximately words/page) This play by Alice Childress takes place in a train station waiting room in a very small town in the south.

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