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The mall is currently in a perilous state, with only a handful stores out of a possible 80 open for business including 3 of the 4 anchor spaces; it is definitely a dead mall. We often went to this mall because it carried chains not available in Janesville like The Gap and Casual Corner, and had different anchors as well.

Case 2 9 phar mor

I have been reading your blog, but this is the first time I am posting my comment. First, my compliments for your excellent blog and bringing alive the music of the golden era which gave us such an unforgettable joy. Both are among my all time favourites, and I never thought in terms of ranking them.

[III.] Here begins the book.

Thanks a lot for giving the two songs together. Having said that, I must say there is one major omission in your article.

Case 2 9 phar mor

Your list does not include Sanwariya re apni Meera ko bhool na jana from the film Aanchal, music by C Ramchandra. Thanks a lot Arvind for your nice words. I could not agree with you more that Saanwariya re apni Meera ko bhool na jana should have been there in the list.

Thanks for refreshing my memory. With such an impressive knolwledge of songs of that era, you must comment more often. It will only enrich the site. By the way, you might recall this song had two versions — a happy and a sad version — both sung by Suman Kalyanpur.

Thanks for the incredible information Arvind Sir! If its a coincidence that both songs are so strikingly similar, then its okay. But if Lata didi had intentionally done this to sate her desire of being the queen of melody, then this time she would have understood that nobody is perfect.

Finally, there is one singer, who, if Lata didi had not been there in industry for some reasons, whatsoever, would have delivered the pure melody to the golden period of songs.


I feel sorry for my comments on Lata didi. I am sorry Lata didi! I am gratified that you enjoyed it. Incidentally both the films, Fariyad and Jahan Ara, are of My article in no way intends to reduce Lata Mangeshkar.

She would forever remain a class apart. There is something I want to share with you. Once I came across an article about Suman Kalyanpur. Have a lovely day Sir!

I forgot to wish you lovely nights! Have a soulful life sir! Thanks for your greetings. But you did not tell me which Haal-e-dil you liked more, or you think both are so good you would not like to make a comparison?

Mixing up between Lata Mangeshkar and Suman Kalyanpur is quite common. Many of the songs I have listed I crosschecked for the article, otherwise I would have mistaken them for Lata songs.

With such a striking resemblance, confusion is obvious! Sir, let me know if you have written any othe article about any topic what so ever!

I yearn to read it! Thanks a lot for drawing attention to one of the most talented and most neglected singers. I thought you read my article on my blog http: In that case you would find at least half a dozen other articles.

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I would love to have your comments on each. Thanks for your comments.The North Star Mall is a store, million square foot enclosed mall anchored by Dillard's, JC Penney, Macy's, and Saks Fifth Avenue. Originally developed in by Community Research & Development Corporation (which would later become The Rouse Company), the mall was initially a far smaller center anchored by Wolff and Marx, H-E-B, and Walgreens, along with about 50 in-line .

Recent Comments. Jodie Peeler said “Yeah, this one broke my heart. I have fond memories of the Parthenon from my grad school days and ” on Pizzera Opa, Broad River Road: August ; zeke mclellan said “they need to leave I can make this a skating rink I make them a offer.” on KNC Trading, Decker Boulevard: Late August ; Heath said “@ Kenneth.

Case 2 9 phar mor

Everyone carries pieces of nostalgia with them from childhood. They’re personal memories we can look back and reflect upon, and they generally make us feel warm inside and even give us a sense of pride.

They evoke feelings of ‘way back when’ when things were indeed simpler for us. We didn’t have to worry about paying bills [ ].

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