Dw griffith essay

As the first filmmaker to exploit the potential of film editing to convey the impression of simultaneous action, and for his promotion of a style of acting and innovative uses of the camera that suited the representation of character psychology, Griffith is generally acknowledged by scholars and critics as the most influential figure in film history.

Dw griffith essay

Eistein were both film directors in the early and mid nineteenth century. Editing is a film-making process.

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It is a process of collecting different shots or clips of a movie profile, and then combining them into a set of sequence which create a sensible motion picture.

Their main functions included collecting footage of a movie. Griffith originated from Crestwood, Oldham in Kentucky. He innovated a set of codes which have become the Dw griffith essay bones of movie editing.

He developed Mise en scene among other editing techniques to film grammar. The techniques involved the use of gestures in an exaggerated way, very gradual movement of the camera or no movement at all.

It also included frontal staging, and no point of view shots.

Dw griffith essay

Griffith laid the foundation to the continuity system approach of movie editing technique. He molded the basic elements of editing into subtlety and a more advanced language of power.

He developed classical, cutting technique of editing which entailed mainly in emphasizing emotions and creating dramatic intensity. In order to achieve this, he used close ups to bring out on the minute details and facial expressions to create a psychological bonding with the audience. It was in the process modified and actions were split into a series of simple short shots and this enabled a greater control of the audience.

He used the criteria of association of ideas from all other principles developed by his predecessors in editing, and expanded them into more advanced concepts and varieties of movie editing. He used this technique in his first movie to edit, inThe Birth of a Nation.

It was the first feature length movie to feature for more than one hour. In turns of the audience perception of the movie, it was argued to have changed the standard of the film industry to one that is still recognized to the present day.

However, the movie was criticized as it aroused controversy as it portrayed racial slavery relations during the era of Reconstruction, also during the civil war.

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Einstein developed the sovient montage theory approach. The principle was founded upon collision which would play a so important a role in development of a sovient avant-garde art.

Oelar 9 The principle was aimed at creating cinema that relied heavily on editing. Montage is a technique of collecting shots, usually short in size, and then editing them to give a sequence that is able to condense information, space, and time.

This style of editing involved the violation of degree rule and the discontinuity of the qualities of graphics.


It also entailed the creation of impossible spatial matches. He based his collision of shots on conflicts due to scale speed, direction of movement, volume, and rhythm. He based his montage theory on the idea that montage initially originated as a result of collision between different sets of shots creating an illustration of the initial primary idea of the thesis as well as the antithesis.

He in turn described five methods of thesis as follows: Rhythmic montage — this included the use of audio elements such as dialogues, sounds and music. It involved cutting in reference to time but in consideration of the visual composition of shots. Change in the speed of metric cuts was also used to induce an advanced complex meaning.

Tonal montage — involves manipulating the temporal length of cuts and its rhythmic characteristics to elicit the desired reaction from the audience.In The Birth of a Nation, Griffith made audiences see the Civil War through his eyes — the eyes of the son of a colonel in the Army of the Confederacy.

The release of “Django Unchained,” and the discussion surrounding it, have brought “Birth of a Nation”—D. W. Griffith’s disgustingly racist yet. Free Essay: D. W. Griffith’s Birth of a Nation was one of the most controversial films of the 20th century. Praised by some and resented by others, it was.

Dw griffith essay

The movie "intolerance" by D.W. Griffith was a highly controversial movie especially in comparison to his last movie which was a break through in film. Intolerance was also felt to be a new challenge by D.W. Griffith. In regard to the facts that /5(27). D. W. Griffith (Full name David Wark Griffith) American filmmaker.

As the first filmmaker to exploit the potential of film editing to convey the impression of simultaneous action, and. David Wark Griffith (January 22, – July 23, ) was an American director, writer, and producer who pioneered modern cinematic techniques.

He is most remembered for The Birth of a Nation () and Intolerance ().Resting place: Mount Tabor Methodist Church Graveyard,, Centerfield, Kentucky, U.S.

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