Laundry shop business plan in malaysia sme

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Laundry shop business plan in malaysia sme

What are some less risky businesses that teen and college entrepreneurs can start to decide if entrepreneurship is for them? Provide a Service Look to start a service industry business that requires little overhead expenses to turn classmates into customers.

For college entrepreneurs, a good example would be a laundry pick-up, wash, and delivery service. Price the service per pound and spread the word via word of mouth and flyers around campus.

Try contracting on ODesk If you want to test whether there is a market for your skills, try becoming a freelancer on ODesk. Web Development I started my web development business in college without any knowledge in how to build websites. I wanted to learn, so I found a business owner who needed a web guy and told him I could do it.

That was a Friday. I spent the whole weekend learning and landed the gig on Monday. He was a client for over a year. If you can use Word, you can probably figure out how to build a website. Nicholas Tart14 Clicks A.


Go Overhead-Free These days, there are hundreds of overhead-free business options that are perfect low-risk bets for budding entrepreneurs. One example is running a t-shirt business through print-on-demand services like Zazzle or Skreened. Make or acquire designs and make money when they sell; the service handles the rest.

Colin WrightExile Lifestyle A. T Shirt Company Create funny, interesting tshirts that your high school or college friends will wear, take preorders and then print the orders you already have.

You can practice design, sales, marketing, order fulfillment and other business skills while assuming very little financial risk. Nathan LustigEntrustet A. Information Products The web allows for knowledge repurposing at an incredibly low cost and arguably low barrier to entry.

Take an e-book as an example; a collection of resources and ideas around a subject i. Derek ShanahanFoodtree A. Private Lessons We all have something that we are good at, so why not try to sell your services in the form of a private lesson: You might find teaching the lesson to be the easiest part.

Pre-Sell It really does not matter what you sell, as long as you sell something. This is how business is ran, by selling something. Rather than risking your money, first see if you can sell something and if you can, buy it and turn it for a profit.

Go practice by pre-selling something…anything! Start a Blog Before a Business Start by creating a blog.

laundry shop business plan in malaysia sme

Very little overhead is involved and more importantly it will help you discover your passions. By starting a business focused blog you can start to not only share your interests with the world but begin to discover your interests on a deeper level, which is extremely important early on.

Also, producing content gives you a vehicle to connect with others in the space. Brenton GieserJoynIn A. College Colors Shoelaces, hairbands, sweat bands, sunglasses, bracelets, etc.


Whatever it is, if it can be made in your school colors, you can probably sell it. Buy them on the cheap and set up in a high traffic area of your school. Team up with a campus organization and donate a portion to their philanthropy, doing so will instantly multiply your marketing street team and sales will be a snap.

Look into commission junction, amazon and ebay and find some things you know a lot about.YP is a new way for people and businesses to connect and get things done.

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Company Profile Example. A company profile can be used as part of a business plan you develop to launch your business or as part of a business plan you provide a banker or investors to gain funding for your business.

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Writing a business plan is an important step in the start-up phase. Our sample business plan section offers business plan examples for you to browse through. When you're embroiled in the excitement of starting a new business, it's easy to ignore the need for licenses and permits.

Sure, getting licenses and permits is about as fun as visiting the dentist. It can be a one-man business, a family business, or a large enterprise. Set up a small poultry Poultry is a business you can start from your backyard with 50 to birds, with between N, to N, depending on the cash at hand.

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