Newfoundland research papers

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Newfoundland research papers

Sep 09, 5: As university classes start up this week, officials are already working hard to stave off a major contributor to poor mental health among students — loneliness.

A new study of Canadian university students found more than 66 per cent reported feeling "very lonely" in the past year.

And the problem was worse for female students, with nearly 70 per cent feeling very lonely at least once in the last year, compared with male students at 59 per cent.

More than 43, students were surveyed for the National College Health Assessment. It found about 30 per cent of students "felt very lonely" within the last two weeks. The study also found nearly half of Newfoundland research papers students surveyed felt debilitatingly depressed in the past year.

He also thinks electronic devices are contributing to students having difficulty making connections. Ness recommends joining student groups or reaching out to counsellors or student mentors. Your first year coming here, you can feel really isolated," said Kevin Settee, the student association's president.

David Ness is the head of counselling services at the University of Manitoba. He says every year, students come in struggling with loneliness on campus. The University of Calgary has developed resources for lonely students to let them know they're not alone and where and how they can get help.

Newfoundland research papers

Jan Byrd, who directs the University of Winnipeg's wellness and student life program, said the university has first year students move into dorms a week early to help them adjust. The university doesn't want to "medicalize loneliness" because, Byrd said, it's a perfectly normal feeling, but "there are those students for whom things don't get better.

Ness, Settee and Byrd all recommended joining student groups as a way to stave off loneliness. The U of W had more than 70 groups last year, and the University of Manitoba tracks extracurriculars and puts them on students' transcripts as an incentive to participate.

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Ness said counsellors can help students develop coping skills and figure out exactly what is causing them to feel bad. Ness and Byrd said students should reach out before it reaches a crisis point. In the past two years, the University of Winnipeg has increased counselling services on campus and changed the student health care program to include more money for mental health services.Got questions?

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A new study of Canadian university students found more than 66 per cent reported feeling “very lonely” in the past year. Baby-Friendly NL is an organization that protects, promotes, and supports breastfeeding during pregnancy, birth, and beyond within Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Newfoundland research papers

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