Research an international strategic alliance or partnership between two mncs and outline why you thi

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Research an international strategic alliance or partnership between two mncs and outline why you thi

The paper examines the political stand of holding back per cent FDI in multi brand retail in India on the ground of safeguarding unorganized sector, the Kiranas mom and pop stores. The study argues that this fear is largely unfounded by highlighting the dual nature of retail sector where foreign retailers operating through super markets cater mainly to the upper income groups with a demand for differentiated products leaving the market for undifferentiated and relatively low price goods to the Kiranas who cater the lower income groups mostly in the rural areas.

The study hence proposes that the foreign owned firms in the retail sector are most unlikely to pose a threat to the Kiranas rather they may facilitate the sales of the Kiranas.

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This study investigated the relationship between property rights, FDI and economic growth in Zambia and Zimbabwe using the ARDL Bounds testing framework with annual time series data from to The study observed that there was no long run relationship between either property rights and FDI or property rights and economic growth in both countries.

However, a co-integrating relationship between FDI and economic growth was established both in Zambia and Zimbabwe. Granger causality tests revealed a uni-directional causality relationship running from economic growth to FDI in Zambia in the long run whereas economic growth was found to have been positively influenced by FDI in the short run in Zimbabwe.

Zambian responsible authorities are encouraged to implement economic growth promotion policies if they intend to increase FDI into the country. The study also urges the Zimbabwe authorities to step up FDI improvement initiatives in order to increase economic growth.

Research an international strategic alliance or partnership between two mncs and outline why you thi

Microenterprise Development through Organisational Interventions: Microenterprise is recognised as an important tool to achieve the objective of inclusive development. Various approaches have been used to promote microenterprises by various government as well as non-government organisations.

Holistic approach and building human capital approaches are two prominent approaches adopted to promote microenterprise. In addition to being the prominent approaches, these two approaches are contrasting in their features too.

This study is an attempt to look at the effect of these approaches on promotion of microenterprise. This study adopted case study method.

Quantitative as well as qualitative data was collected for the same. Two major organisations adopting this approach in the state of Maharashtra were selected. The study has adopted a descriptive analysis method.

Intra and inter case analysis has been carried out. The findings suggested that holistic approach worked with very poor segment of the society whereas, building human capital approach is suitable for people in higher income group, who can afford to invest on their own.

As holistic approach was providing all kind of support to their participants, they failed to increase the scale of the business. Because of lack of access to finance, startup rate of microenterprise was less in building human capital approach.

A boundaryless career model can offer more advantages to the youth as they can interact, have teams or work with people from other organisations as compared to the traditional career.

The boundaryless career model helps one to venture into international business despite, their gender. The youths being exposed to diverse culture, new experiences, skills etc.

This paper focuses on how the attitude of youth, gender, lack of experience and organisational mobility influences the boundaryless career. Data was collected from students through a self-administered questionnaire.

The results signify that the youths are bound to be inclined towards the boundaryless career based on their attitude. Younger people show higher physical career mobility due to lack of experience. Organisation mobility is related to boundaryless career. The moderating effect of gender did not have a significant impact.

The main contribution of the study are that it aids Human resources professionals to be aware of contemporary career theories, such as the boundaryless career theory so that they can encourage the future workforce to develop competencies needed to have successful careers.

The financing decision among technology-based firms has become a significant issue around the globe, with the core concern to be that such firms may encounter financing limitations that could bar their growth ability.

Using 92 technology-based firms observations from and employing Ordinary Least Square OLS regression, this study finds that there is a significant and positive relationship between board of directors effectiveness and capital structure, and there is an inverse significant relationship between information asymmetry and capital structure.

This indicates that technology-based firms having a robust board of directors minimize agency conflicts by mandating that managers, use more debts to be consistent with the interest of the shareholders.

This is consistent with the agency theory where the obligation of interest payments that stem from the debt use assists in resolving the free cash flow issue. Further, the inverse relationship with information asymmetry shows that technology-based firms go through financing limitations owing to the asymmetric information that prevent their growth and development ability.

Technology-based firms; financing decision; information asymmetry; board of directors; Malaysia. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Bootcamp: This study investigates the impact of an interactive-intensive structured innovation and entrepreneurship bootcamp on MBA students entrepreneurial thinking, innovativeness, teamwork, and entrepreneurial leader confidence.

A descriptive study was carried out immediately after the students participated in the bootcamp.

Research an international strategic alliance or partnership between two mncs and outline why you thi

It involved postgraduate students newly enrolled in their studies. The results show that most of the participants were highly engaged in the program and gained new skills from the bootcamp although conducted within a relatively short period.International Expansion is a guide to international business expansion tips and training courses from around the world.

Although started in Chicago, this site receives contributions from our global representatives in Oslo, Manila, Shanghai, and from time to time, from many other locations. Companies decide to form strategic global business alliances for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is to gain access to another company’s knowledge or resources.

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Enhancing international strategic predisposition and organisational culture for the effective management of human resources in australian multinational hotels A study of the structural outcomes of.

Short running title: International Strategic Alliance Dynamics Key words: Strategic alliances, inter-organisational relations, formation, implementation, evolution, outcomes Abstract Purpose of this paper The purpose of this paper is to engage in a comprehensive review of the research on strategic alliances in the last decade.

The founder of Kids Market Consulting, a market research firm dedicated to the kids, tweens and teens segment, was faced with increasing competition and slowing revenue, and was exploring a variety of possibilities for the future strategic direction of the business.

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