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Deployment and Process Management Q1. Why cannot you run standard Java bytecode on Android? We need to convert Java class files into Dalvik Executable files using an Android tool called "dx". In normal circumstances, developers will not be using this tool directly and build tools will care for the generation of DVM compatible files.

Stage write android software

Tried to make the sdcard names in the OziExplorer folder list more user friendly. Added sdcard and storage folder names to root folder and storage folder lists so they can be selected. The actual folder locations and names are not changed, only changed on the displayed list in OziExplorer.

Added "Save Track Tail to File" menu option. Decreased the odometer sensitivity to stop odometer creep while stationary. Fine tuned the display of waypoints on the map when there are a lot of waypoints.

Made some color changes of edit fields on input screens. Fixed a few issues. OziExplorer now notifies the user that the path is no longer valid and to set it to the correct path in configuration. I did this to remove the accidental activating of waypoint dragging.

Android Series: Custom ListView items and adapters | Software Passion

Improvements should be made to waypoint dragging in future versions. OziExplorer now checks if the "Data File Path" you select can be written to, if not it is not allowed. It is hoped the next Android version lollipop will provide a solution so developers can use the external SD card.

Track logs are now stored in a TrackLogs sub-folder under the Data Path. Waypoints are now stored in a Waypoints sub-folder under the Data path. Increased the number of waypoints from to The existing waypoint file waypoints.

Added more position display formats in waypoint editing. Added a map scale, turn on and off in Units configuration, drag the scale into position on the map.

Added ability to project a new waypoint from an existing waypoint by specifying distance and bearing. This is done from the waypoint list by pressing on the waypoint to project from.

stage write android software

Fixed, waypoints from a gpx file would be located incorrectly if the map was not wgs84 datum. Fixed, under some circumstances the wrong route was loaded from a. Fixed problems with changing track properties.

Fixed problem with wrong waypoint being selected in waypoint list search. Fixed some issues with Bluetooth connected GPS. Added direct support for Bluetooth GPS. Added ability to specify a.

Added ability to automatically load use tracks form a folder, all tracks in the folder are loaded as OziExplorer starts.

stage write android software

The number of user tracks which can be loaded has been increased to with points. A display datum, which is used to display positions in any datum can now be specified in Units Configuration.

The waypoint list now has a search function. A User Track list has been added and the line color and width can now be modified for each loaded track. Added "Load User track" button to the screen designer. Added "Unload All User Tracks" button to screen designer.

Introducing RFO Basic!

Fixed gaps being created in track tail logging.Pre-commercial release versions. The development of Android started in by Android, Inc., which was purchased by Google in Alpha. There were at least two internal releases of the software inside Google and the OHA before the beta version was released.

The Lifecycle of a Revolution. In the early days of the public internet, we believed that we were helping build something totally new, a world that would leave behind the shackles of age, of race, of gender, of class, even of law.

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Intent Compatibility Core Application Intents Android intents allow application components to request functionality from other Android components.

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