The devolution of mankind essay

The shape and structure — two legs and arms, a face with a mouth, two eyes and ears are all found on people all over the world. Whether it is the man or a woman, the structure and the other features are all almost identical worldwide. The only perceptible difference in people is the colour of the skin and the shape of the eyes— what we call racial difference. The size of man has almost remained the same except for a marginal increase in height over the millennia.

The devolution of mankind essay

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Deposit a stream of strong words and announcements made by the past rulers of Pakistan, nothing concrete has been done to introduce a proper economy revival plan.

The devolution of mankind essay

Rather the situation has taken a quantum leap for the worse. The problem of centralization of power has been the most crucial issue in Pakistan. The idea of the decentralization that is transfer of power to the provinces and form there to the Districts, Tehsil Councils and Union councils is a welcome step.

Decentralization of power at the grass roots level leads to better provision of social and civil services, restoration of the real democracy in the country and a more active and beneficial interaction and participation of the masses in all tiers of governance. Successful District government will play a big role towards the establishment of a truly democratic and lasting political order in the country.

Devolution of power is an internationally tested mode of governance. It will go a long way towards helping the present military regime to achieve its declared goals of strengthening the federation, removing provincial disharmony and restoring National Cohesion. Headway in these critical areas will facilitate the achievements of the goals on the agenda points ensuring law and order, providing speedy justice and accountability and eradicating corruption.

The existing political and administrative structure with its highly centralized state power is incapable of providing effective popular governance. The prevailing system strongly resists equitable distribution of power in which the rich protect their own interests.

Autocracy and centralized rule practiced by the past rules, both military and civil, has damaged democracy, destroyed National Institutions, and kept a healthy political culture from developing. By giving the power to the people, where it actually belongs, the future well being, stability and unity of the nation will be enhanced.

Local governments can enable the local monitoring communities to manage their primary social and civic tasks. To make the devolution of power effective, the district governments have to be granted vast financial and administrative powers. They must have the power to levy and collect revenues.

Devolution without enabling the local governments to raise and manage funds from their own resources is not likely to enable the people to run their own affairs. Arbitration and conciliatory courts at union council level will also help to avoid expensive litigation whereas according to the present set up the common man has to run to the provincial capital or to Islamabad to obtain justice, which in many other countries, are the responsibility of local authorities.

Effective decentralization of authority is essential to ensure peoples involvement in government from the village to the National level. Only through active participation of the masses and strong and united nation.

The devolution of mankind essay

An accessible infrastructure of quick and better solution will be provided for the day to day problems of the people through the Union Councils. Tehsils, and District government. Decentralization will ensure the provision of better civic and utility services, as they will be controlled by local elected representatives.

The people will thus have a far more responsible government. Social welfare, public works, public transport, education and health services along with law and order will be the responsibility of the local government.

They must therefore be granted financial and administrative powers for effective control and management. The genesis of the present situation is that in Pakistan politics has never been based on some specific philosophy, programme or principles.

It has been in negation of all the ingredients of democracy. It has always been confined to prison or personalities. Ever since partition the only motive of alliances has been for personal gain, power and wealth.

Political parties are the personal fiefdom of political leaders; scions of inter related families of Landlords, Pirs, Nawabs, industrialists, business tycoons and Generals.

Provincial disharmony has arisen out of the neglect and the deprivation of the smaller provinces. The centralization of power has encouraged internal dissension and disharmony. It has weakened the State and aggravated the multi dimensional crises the people face in their daily life.

This has resulted in deteriorating political and social fabric of the country. Therefore, decentralization of power will make the government more responsive to the aspiration of the poor as their participation in governance would increase.

Till now all the provinces are devoid of effective power and the center has enjoyed power in majority of subjects. Most of these required to be decentralized and restored to the provinces and from thence to the Districts.

As there was no system to grant more provincial autonomy so, the local autonomy was always lacking in our country. Hence the process of decentralization was long overdue because autonomy can not be introduced without ensuring and safeguarding provincial autonomy.

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The historical background of the issue irradiates that our provincial and national politics have been helpless victims of the power hogging syndrome. Whoever reaches the throne, sets about misusing all the power that he can lay his lands on, whether, it is covered by the rules or not.

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