The maturity of telemachus essay

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The maturity of telemachus essay

The growing in mind, adulthood, and strength the Odysseus undergoes is reflected clearly in his boy, Telemachus.

The maturity of telemachus essay

In the first books, other characters continue to handle him much as a kid, and in many respects, Telemachus still acts like one.

The first few books illustrate the relationship between Telemachus and his male parent, a male parent he has hardly known. When Odysseus left his married woman and kid, Telemachus was still an baby.

For his privation of a male parent, Athena acts as a wise man to him ; peculiarly when she gives him the bravery to journey from his place in hunt of his male parent.

Telemachus’ Transition to Manhood – The PhalloEccentric

When Menelaus mentions his male parent, the immature Telemachus interruptions down in cryings, bewraying his immatureness. However, the pride he feels go forthing Sparta intimations at the bravery he shows in later books, helping Odysseus against the suers.

Odysseus faces a similar state of affairs. He, like Telemachus, worries about his household?

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The titular hero of this heroic poem love affair laments his looking destiny and the deceases of his crew, but continues with the bravery and hope of making place. It seems that Odysseus learns little, unlike Telemachus, but non by any mistake of his ain, I think.

He may merely be the prototype of Grecian criterions, clever and baronial as he frequently is, and really has small room to turn. For Telemachus, the ends he sets reflect the adulthood he additions: When the challenges rise, nevertheless, Telemachus himself rises to run into them.

He challenges the suers with his divinely-inspired bravery, and, though non wholly effectual, he surprised them a great trade with his authorization? Telemachus doubtless additions a new consciousness, non merely about his male parent, but besides about the land, his female parent, and the function he needed to play.

By the terminal of his long emotional journey, Telemachus realizes what it takes to be a adult male ; a effort which could non hold been possible without his adventures to Pylos and Sparta.

Had Telemachus succeeded, he would hold been to the full grown, but at the clemency of the vindictive suers. The Odyssey creates a analogue for readers, between Odysseus and Telemachus, male parent and boy.

Telemachus Odyssey

Telemachus learns the function of his male parent, the male monarch of Ithaca, in order to follow in his footfalls. The two are compared in the verse form from every facet, Telemachus at place frequently moving as a distant foil for Odysseus.

However, in analysing The Odyssey, one may besides assume that Homer had non intended for the Telemachus to be every bit great a hero as his male parent had. Choose Type of service.Telemachus says it best when, at the end of the story, he says to the suitors, “’the boy you knew is gone.’” (Pg.

line ) At the end of the story, Telemachus is a man. Homer uses Telemachus’ coming of age to discuss the universal theme of growing up.

The maturity of telemachus essay

Reunion of Odysseus and Telemachus Introduction In the first book "The Odyssey" by Homer, we get acquainted with the son of Odysseus, Telemachus. Essay title: The Odyseey After just the first four books of The Odyssey, it is clear that several themes are already starting to develop.

One of these themes is the concept of “coming of age” and how it relates to Odysseus’ son, Telemachus. Telemachus' growing maturity is a theme of this epic, and part of his instruction occurs through the stories that he hears from Nestor, Menelaus, and Helen.

For Telemachus, the goals he sets reflect the maturity he gains: to reach a level of adulthood and to stand by his father's side, to protect his family and kingdom, and .

The Maturity of Telemachus Essay - Prince Telemachus of Ithaca was living in a world of greed and disrespect during his father's twenty-year hiatus. His father, King Odysseus, had set off to fight along with fellow Greeks in the Trojan War.

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