Write a ten digit number in expanded form

The student makes significant errors in writing the numbers in both standard and expanded form. Examples of Student Work at this Level The student writes most of the numbers as base-ten numerals incorrectly which, consequently, causes the student to write the numbers incorrectly in expanded form. Can you tell me what each digit represents?

Write a ten digit number in expanded form

Write it as a sum of 's, 10's, and 1's. Write its name in words. Draw a picture to represent the number.

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Locate it on the number line. Write it as a three-digit number. Six hundred and nine is a number. The picture represents a number. The big square representsthe rectangle represents 10, and the small square represents 1.

A number is shown on the number line. IM Commentary This task gives students the opportunity to work with multiple representations of base-ten numbers. This task addresses all of these and extends it by asking students to represent the numbers with pictures and on the number line, which supports the understanding described in 2.

Students who are still grappling with the meaning of base-ten numerals might benefit from having base-ten blocks on hand. Attached is a black line master for a place-value mat which can help scaffold students who are having trouble.

Eventually, students should be able to do this task without concrete representations, however. This number is one hundred and twenty-seven. Here is a picture it is a rough sketch based on the picture above without the details for the hundreds and tens: Here it is on the number line: The number is five hundred sixty-eight.

Here is a picture: Here is is on the number line: This number is two hundred forty. This number is seven hundred forty-four. Here is a picture of it:Learn number chapter 1 place value with free interactive flashcards.

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expanded form. a number written as the sum of the values of its digits.

write a ten digit number in expanded form

14 terms. cjohns Chapter 1: Place Value. tenths. place value system.

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the first digit in a whole number and. To write a number in expanded form, break apart a number, and write it as the sum of each place value. For example, = + + 20 + 4. By the end of this assessment, students will be able to demonstrate that they can read and write multi-digit numbers using base-ten numerals, number names, and expanded form.

They will also be able to show that they can compare two multi-digit numbers based on meanings of the digits in each place. Students write two digit numbers in expanded form.

write a ten digit number in expanded form

2 digits. Writing Numbers Worksheet Common Core State Standards: CCSS rutadeltambor.com3 Read and write numbers to using base ten numberals. expanded form. Shows a number written as an addition statement.

In the number ,,, which digit is in the ten thousands place? Solution: Write the number seventy billion, two hundred thirty-seven thousand, six hundred two in standard form and expanded form. If we write the number out in expanded form, showing the value of each digit, we would write it as 1,, + , + 30, + 4, + + 60 + 7.

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