Write amharic software ethiopia

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Write amharic software ethiopia

What motivated to comment on this topic are the issue and debate surrounding our languages in the current set-up. It is not out of spontaneity but rather out of a changing political pressure that this issue has surfaced. Therefore, to properly understand the origin, evolution and growth of our languages, the political issues will also have to be studied well.

To do this, one has to be not only a linguist but also, I believe, a politician by trade. But I am not a politician.

write amharic software ethiopia

If, however, I happen to touch upon issues that might have political content, it is my wish that it will be known that I do so only in my capacity as an average Ethiopian citizen. With regard to the status of our languages, the focus of my writing will be "Feedel" and the script.

To do so, I might have to refer to linguistics and literature as well. Therefore, my writing will be as follows: First, I shall touch upon issues that pertain to linguistics and writing. I will do so because I believe these issues will help to build my case for later discussions.

Then I shall discuss about the origins and evolution of writing and then proceed to the current issues. The phonemes in turn make up words, the words then sentences and so on.

Sentences fully describe a thought. As expression of thoughts, a language is a collection of sentences. People express their ideas in a given language through speaking. It is only years ago that people started writing 1. This is a short time. Even today, many a nation and nationality use the spoken word to exchange ideas.

The situation in our country is not different from this. To express thoughts through writing, symbols that represent sounds, words or phonemes are needed. These symbols have to be, of course, understood by the users of the language. Languages that have these symbols are called written languages whereas those that do not have them are known simply as spoken languages.

This art of expressing thoughts through symbols is called writing and the nature of writing as writing system. Script is the term that is used to describe the symbols as a whole 2. The logographic system was used first around years ago 3. Its place of origin is in the areas of Palestine and Syria 4.

In the logographic system, one symbol represents one word. A language ofwords, for example, could have symbols as many as 50, - 60, Note that synonyms will share the same symbol.Amharic Bible (Ethiopia 81) Free download. Amharic bible (Ethiopian 81) is the old Amharic Bible version of the Haile Selassie Best apps and games on Droid Informer.

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Get this from a library! My-Amharic.. [MY-Media Educational Solutions (Firm);] -- Program to teach Amharic to children. Includes Amharic language basics, educational games, traditional puzzle play, and mathematical games. Learn the Amharic words and phrases that can help you in every situation on your travels in Ethiopia.

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May 17,  · Amharic (አማርኛ) (or ; Amharic: Amarəñña, IPA:) is an Afro-Asiatic language of the Semitic branch and is a member of the Ethiosemitic group.

It is spoken as a mother tongue by the Amhara and other populations residing in major cities and towns of Ethiopia. The language serves as the official working language of Ethiopia, and is also the official or working language of several of.

Nov 10,  · This Amharic video tutorial shows how you can get and write easily in Amharic font using only the firefox browser addon. I hope it is useful and easy to use on different websites. I would like to thank Taye Daniel and Roman Mironenko for making this possible.

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